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March 28, 2014


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Heart beat! Heart beat! Heart beat! Congratulations, mama!

March is for daffodils

Oh, man. I had some bleeding early with Marco and was convinced that was it. I didn't believe in that pregnancy for a long time. So glad you got to see his heartbeat. Such an amazing thing. Grow baby boy grow! Hugs to you. This is a hard, scary thing to be doing, isn't it?


I read this post and it gives me hope.

Embryo transfer in 10 days or so, egg collection next week. I am so pleased you got your heart beat. Yay! Congratulations x


Lovely! so glad you got to hear the heartbeat to relieve the anxiety.


I'm sorry about the scary bleeding, but so, so glad to hear about the heartbeat. Hang in there.

Burning Eye

Thinking of you, hoping you continue to hear that swoosh swoosh and see that teeny tiny heart that grows and grows.


Still thinking of you my friend and hoping all is well as you navigate these early weeks. So much love.

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