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March 14, 2014


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wonderful! hugs to you. :-)


Congratulations!! I'm so happy you made it across this first hurdle. Hang on, little one.


Oh my god! I am so so excited for you!! This IS amazing and wonderful and exciting and....
I am sending so many good vibes your way for a healthy, uneventful nine months. Hang in there little buddy and make yourself comfy for the long haul!

March is for daffodils

Oh, I'm so glad. Yes, hang in there little buddy. This is good news at such a hard time. I've been thinking of little Margaret Joy this weekend. Sending you big hugs and so very many wishes for a long, healthy, boring and happy-as-possible pregnancy.


You got this far!! Congratulations!! That is wonderful news. Hang on, little. <3

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