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March 09, 2014


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Waiting is the worst. Thinking of you this week.


Thinking of you all this week, hoping for wonderful things ahead, and sending much love as you remember your sweet girl too.

March is for daffodils

March is in full bloom in my neighbourhood as of this weekend. I was thinking of your little March girl this morning as I walked out in it. I understand that not wanting to know, too. Waiting is just so hard.


Wow. I was thinking about you just today and wondering. I didn't realize that you were approaching an anniversary weekend. Those days are just so hard. Keeping my fingers crossed with you, holding my breath with you, and holding you in my heart. Keep us posted <3


Thinking of you as the tests and the anniversary come up. Each of them alone is hard enough, it must be rough to have them so close to one another...
Hoping for good news from the blood tests, and some peace for the anniversary.


This must be such a tricky time, with your little girl's anniversary, and all this hopeful waiting. Sending you hugs and love and Light,

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