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March 04, 2014


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March is for daffodils

Oh my goodness am I ever hoping with you. Really hoping so, so hard. Hoping, hoping, hoping. What an experience...when I think of all the years I spent desperately hoping I would not get pregnant and I see now how not-so-easy it is in so many cases...our reproductive lives are really insane and it amazes me both how much control we have in some ways and how utterly little in other ways.
Sending a hug and all my very best wishes.


I have been thinking of you. So so much luck and love and hope being sent your way. I hope #1 is already making himself comfy for a nice, uneventful nine month stay. You so deserve this my friend. xo


Fingers crossed. Thinking many good thoughts for you and that little boy.


Hugs and tons of good wishes for you. Sounds like one beautiful embryo!

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