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May 28, 2012


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I'm so sorry. I don't have any words for you, except that I feel the same. I miss him, I miss him, I miss him. I'm so sorry, sending you wishes of strength and of peace..


Thank you. And right back at you, for the strength & peace.

Hannah Rose

This post reminds me so much of something I wrote in a letter to Lily that I read at her celebration of LIFE service:

"Why did you have to go? Doesn't He know I need you here? Doesn't He know that you're my world? And yet life goes on. I still hear laughter. The moon still rises and the sun still sets. But, I won't forget. Even when I smile, thoughts of you are always dancing in the back of my mind. Shouldn't the whole world just stop? Mine has. How does the wind still blow? Doesn't it know you aren't here?"

Here is something else I wrote in a blog post around her first birthday:

"So you see, it's not just March 16th that hurts. It's the entire month of March. It's every day that I live without her. Every day that reminds me of her. Every day that should have been a day with her by my side.

My mind tells me that March 16th shouldn't be just another day for anyone. And it most certainly shouldn't be a happy day. Shouldn't everyone be pausing and reflecting on what March 16th was to me, is to me, and will always be to me?"

I remember wondering how life just went on and nobody seemed to notice mine was shattered completely. It still feels like that occasionally, especially in March. But, you will learn to enjoy life again, even the small things. Though your girl will always be on your mind, just not always on the forefront. Your grief will become a part of you.


Every day, every hour, every minute, every second. It never ends.

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