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March 01, 2013


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July. That is the month my son was born and then died. July 2011. When July of 2012 came along, my skin was so heavy with the grief again. I don't know how the month of March will treat you, but I hope you take good care of yourself all month long, mama. Do extra nice things for yourself, like eating as many donut muffins as you want.


Thank you so much, Suzanne. I started getting sadder around the new year. The holidays & moving into 2013 hit me hard. I wanted to try to remind myself every day of something good because I feel like it would be so very easy for me to slip in a pool of darkness right now. I miss her so very much. But I want to try to remember that there are good things too.

March is for daffodils

I wish I had a doughnut muffin right now. I'm here in March, walking alongside you, just trying to get through and to feel some beauty and light along the way whenever possible. Thinking of your sweet little Margaret.


March, I wish I could send you some donut muffins. They're ridiculously delicious. Thank you so much for thinking of Margaret - I miss her so much, but it makes me feel better knowing that other people send her good thoughts sometimes too.

Mrs. Match

I hope and pray that March passes quickly for you.

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