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August 31, 2013


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March is for daffodils

Oh, Kelly. I'm so sorry. It's so shitty and unfair. It's too much and you deserve better odds and four would be wonderful and after all that's already happened doesn't seem to me to be too much to ask so why not two? Why not one? I wish I could come by with brownies and wine and at least keep you company.


I'm so sorry that you're on all the wrong side of the odds, and that your cautious hope wasn't rewarded this time. It damn well should have been. I know the hurt and wish you weren't feeling it. If you have room at the party, I'll bring along some chocolate cake, ice cream we can eat stright from the tub, and LOTS of red wine.


I adore that you both are offering me wine and cake and ice cream! Women after my own (broken!) heart. My heart is sad, but having people who understand helps.


I'd gladly join the party. I'll bring a bottle of wine, too. Maybe one of those big bottles. And some cupcakes. And some truffles. And a box of tissues. I have planted my flag in the land of pity parties, and I'm glad to build a bonfire with you there.

take good care of yourself

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