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January 10, 2014


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Oh, Awesomeness. You've been on my mind so much lately - wondering this and that and how the world of IVF is unfolding for you. And today, a new update. . .

It turned out that I was pregnant when I went in for my IVF consultation. And for the first few weeks, I was hopeful, and imagining the birth announcement I would send to the clinic about how amazing their success rate was.

And then at the 7 week viability ultrasound, the fetus measured small, the heart rate not quite what it should have been, and the doctors telling me there was an even higher risk of miscarriage. I started bleeding a few days later. And then there was no heartbeat. And then I miscarried.

It was awful.

Oh, this baby making business is such a roller coaster. I'm not ready to go back to the clinic for the next round of testing. Re-start the dialogue.

I will keep my fingers crossed for you, though, and this round three. The possibility is there.
I can understand that it's hard to see, but it's close. . .



When you've been there, numerous times at that, you know how quickly the numbers can drop and it's scary. I do so hope that your remaining two are really really really good, and they make at least one baby for you.

March is for daffodils

Sending a big hug, hoping two is enough...well, that one is enough, and that it is indeed, blast off. Here, listening, in the meantime.


Oh, Suzanne, hugs to you. I am so sorry. That is just heartbreaking. I can understand not wanting to go back just yet to start any discussions. Give your heart time to heal. XO

thanks so all for the good wishes. I'm trying not to think about it too much right now, since we're just waiting for the time that the transfer can happen.

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