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October 23, 2014


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Oh, I'm so sorry you are feeling this anxiety! But good for you for going to the hospital if only to be reassured that things are fine. Maybe make a list of things to do at home when you are done work to be distracted? It's usually easy to come up with a bunch of stuff to do. And keep reading and thinking about all those positive milestones, even if anxiety is still there. Sending good thoughts your way xo


Congrats on 36 weeks! Sorry that anxiety is still there.

March is for daffodils

You've been on my mind a lot lately, thinking about how close you are, remembering how scary that felt...I am hoping and wishing so hard for you guys right now, and remembering little Margaret Joy, and sending love out to her little brother: it's a beautiful world, little guy, despite all the hard things that happen and the sadness that we live with too: come join us soon, soon, soon. Hang in there, Kelly. So close.


For me, the first few nights after birth I was no less scared than before - what if something happened and I didn't notice? It gets better, or perhaps we become so tired that we sleep nevertheless. Hang in there. You are so close and I so hope that it will all go smoothly, without any scary moments.

March is for daffodils

<3 <3 <3 Sending love. Hoping all's well.

lilac wine

We don't know each other but I read your blog. Just wanted to say I hope all has gone well, and he is here, safe, and happy with you.

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